Johann Sebastian Bach Festival

(This is information on Exultate’s Bach Festival held in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area in 2002)

March 8, 9 and 10, 2002

Hear the 62-voice choir and Baroque orchestra perform:

Cantata 12 (sung in English)
Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D (with Air on the G String)
The Credo section from the B-Minor Mass

One hour before each performance, Conductor Dr. Thomas D. Rossin, whose dissertation subject was Bach’s Bible, will give a presentation on the history of this important artifact. View this treasure with Bach’s own signature and notations in the margin. (Concert ticket required)


Johann Sabastian Bach, the most famous and one of the most venerated composers of all time, left the world a treasure of music, which, almost entirely forgotten for a hundred years after his death in 1750, is now regarded as the final statement of the Baroque era of music. He composed volumes of works in every musical genre in use during his day except opera. As 21st Century musicians possessing more than one thousand compositions from his pen, we are challenged to present here a few of the monumental works of the master. His music, a Donum Dei (gift from God) as he often described it, has been a creative influence on musical listeners, professional musicians and students of the arts all over the world.

The pinnacle of Bach’s incredible output is the B-minor Mass. Join Exultate as we present the Credo portion of this monumental work. We will also perform Cantata No. 12 with a new English translation, from which a portion of the B-minor Mass was derived. To round out the program, the Exultate orchestra will play the much loved Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D which contains the familiar Air on a G String.