Welcome to Exultate

Founded in 1996, Exultate’s mission is “to perform choral and instrumental music that moves the soul.” Based in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota (a choral mecca), it is the only choral ensemble with its own orchestra. Exultate differentiates itself by performing classical repertoire written for voices and instruments. Through the collaboration and ongoing relationship of its professional vocal and orchestral musicians, exceptional concert performances are given providing deeply moving experiences to listeners and musicians alike.

We hope to add you to our growing number of supporters by inviting you to learn more about our concerts and recordings, to keep you informed of opportunities to perform with us or to support the advancement of exceptional music through your donations of time or financial gifts.

Audition Update

(UPDATE – August 21, 2015 – There are still several openings in the Exultate Choir for this season. Contact us immediately if you are interested in auditioning!) Click here for audition information.

A New Position – Exultate is hiring:

A new ¾ time position is open at Exultate! If you are or you know someone who is interested in working for a thriving music ensemble in the Twin Cities, click here for more information.

Upcoming Concerts