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We believe that creating music is much more than sounding the right note at the right time. Exultate goes beyond the notes on the page to bring you, the listener, the personal response that makes sound into rich, meaningful music – the language of emotion. Each concert program is designed to provide a variety of sounds, styles and textures performed in spaces specifically chosen for their acoustic qualities. Whether an a cappella Renaissance motet or a complex 21st century choral and instrumental work, our mission is the same:  To perform and foster the enjoyment of classical choral and instrumental music, moving the souls of this and future generations.

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Join Festival Choir 2017 and sing the Brahms Requiem – More information HERE


GREAT NEWS! We received more than $23,000 towards our year-end goal of of raising $20,000 by December 31, 2016! Wow! We are thrilled and humbled by the many donors who made it possible to surpass our goal! Thank you to each and everyone who contributed to the future of Exultate as we continue to present performances that “move the soul.”  If you have not yet contributed, we would be delighted to have you join our growing list of donors!  More Information…


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